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14mg Tablets – Case of Twenty 3-packs

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The US FDA has not approved Kratom as a Dietary Supplement.


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  • oddicon

    Amazing effects, best pain relief!

    Hey everyone planning on purchasing 7-OHMZ it is a great product. Its effects are very calming and great for aches and pains. I personally am a pain patient due to have multiple herniated cervical discs and a spinal cord syrinx. The 7-OHMZ tablets help me with my pain just as much as traditional pharmaceutical opiates with actually less side effects. The 7-Ohm tablets have been blessing in diisguise, my only advice is to swallow them whole instead of chewing as they do not taste the best. Other than that they have been a solid product that I will continue to use in the future!

    Verified Review


  • Anonymous

    Great product

    I’ve been using 7OHMZ for a couple of months now and it is by far the best product I’ve ever used, hands down. It does wonders for both my chronic pain and anxiety.

    Verified Review


  • nealis8795


    Great product & fast shipping!

    Verified Review


  • alex klein

    Huge Fan

    I believe 7ohmz is the highest quality vendor around. I have never had any issues with their product and think it is great!

    Verified Review


  • Chance Stroot

    Amazing Product

    I have tried all of the kratom products out there and this particular one is hands down the best. I get immediate pain relief from a severe injury I sustained about 6mo ago. This product has allowed me to get completely off opioids . I cannot recommend this product enough.



  • Anonymous

    How good the product works

    I’ve had seven back surgeries for being injured on the job. Been looking all over for a pain relief with doctors and herbs. Of course I’ve been subscribed all the pain medication you can imagine not gonna name them on this platform. But then I was introduced to this product, it works wonderful for pain. Relaxes me let me go ahead with my daily activities not illegal. I would recommend it to anyone. I’ve showed it to my doctor. He would recommend it. So if you have severe pain if it works for you great if it doesn’t, whatever it’s prescription meds are having to go to the ER to get pain relief , good luck I Continue

    Verified Review


  • Anonymous


    Really great product for music festivals!

    Verified Review


  • SoggyChilli

    Best 7oh product available, hands down

    I might have been one of the first people to try this product and I instantly fell in love. I go back to plain leaf from time to time and the effects are essentially the same but just overall feel a little more dirty. It’s hard to explain.
    Some people worry about these being addictive but I’ve personally tested it and there is zero issues going from a few 7oh tablets a day back to plain leaf.

    Verified Review


  • Nathan Lestini

    Some of the best customer service ever, and an exceptional product to boot

    Everything about my experience with 7ohmz has been excellent. I cannot thank this company enough for providing serious pain relief to people who can’t even get a doctor to listen to them. There’s an epidemic of chronic pain in this world, and to find glimmers of hope like this, that offer real relief to people who are getting shrugged off by doctors, restores my faith in humanity just a little bit. To have the option, without being ignored by a doctor or buying junk off the street, to get sufficient and lasting pain relief is such a huge bump up on my quality of life, which with fibromyalgia and no help was steadily declining.

    Verified Review


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