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14mg Tablets – 3-Pack – Subscription

These products are not for use by or sale to persons under the age of 21.
We do not ship to the following states cities, and/or municipalities:

  • State of Alabama
  • State of Arkansas
  • State of Indiana
  • State of Rhode Island
  • State of Vermont
  • State of Wisconsin
  • City of San Diego, California
  • City of Oceanside, California
  • City of Denver, Colorado
  • Sarasota County Florida
  • Jerseyville, Illinois

We do not ship internationally.

ID verification is required for the following states:
Florida, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia.

Products are not for internal use.
Kratom is NOT used to treat, cure, or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment, and/or condition.
The US FDA has not approved Kratom as a Dietary Supplement.

$26.95 / month

9934 in stock (can be backordered)

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  • Carl Blount

    7ohmz Tablets are Consistent

    I’ve been purchasing 7ohmz tablets for some time now, and never had anything wrong with any one of them. Consistency is key and they have it locked down.



  • Betty

    The best out there

    I will never go back to capsules or powder or shots .
    Not only that , I have seen a few other brands of extract tablets and have tried them. One has come close but no other brand out there, as well as no other form of kratom out there matches the quality of this product. Nice branding too.
    I saw that there is at least a mention of loyalty rewards program available. Please do that ! I do feel these have helped me in so many ways and would love to not break the bank. In Marion county Florida they are 40 in the vape shops so thank you, company, for having them at this price online and free shipping when you spend 50. So if you buy 2 three packs or 5 one packs, it’s the most affordable. Still grateful but still asking for price breaks for us loyal customers! Thanks



  • Jessica

    Love these

    I normally buy these at my local vape shop. They are amazing. Thank you



  • Michelle Fazzina

    Life changer!!!

    Im so glad I discovered these products at my local smoke shop! And its even better to find them direct online!!
    Being a first time mom at 41…i was exhausted and everything hurt. Taking a serving of this gave me so much energy and completely relieved me of all my aches and pains. It literally fixes everything.
    Any time Ive had to speak with customer service…they are so kind, efficient and helpful.
    I really love this company and their products!
    Thank you so much!!!



  • Matthew

    A Phenomenal Product!

    I am a former nutraceutical product developer and these tablets are without a doubt the best Kratom derivative product to ever hit the market. An isolated compound product, they produce an extremely clean and euphoric sensation without the heaviness associated with high doses of Kratom powder and full spectrum extracts. I do not see myself buying any other Kratom product after these tablets. Period.



  • Anonymous

    Pure Bliss

    Don’t really have much else to say besides the fact that these are amazing. I am used to taking extracts and usually need to take about two of the black OMS pills to feel good. With these I can get away with just taking one. They are very strong, and if you do not have a tolerance to Kratom , I would recommend just taking half.



  • Ryan

    The one tab to rule them all

    As it were a 3 pack is too small a quantity. Start w a single tablet early on an empty stomach. After 1 hour add a basic anti●histamine for an extended time of effect. Moderation is key w these tabs as they are easy to find yourself craving the effects.
    Stay hydrated! This is a must! They seem to suppres the desire to drink fluids. Green tea is fantastic and high in oric value with mild caffein levels. This keeps the feeling of relief lasting much between doses.

    Pros: Are the ease of use. No need to chomp them up and deal with the harsh bitter bite. Long lasting effects. Watch the motor skills, it can impare your dexterity. Serious anti nausia and euphoric pain management.
    They give Heavy pain relief with no upset stomach from the tab breaking down too fast or separating in water making you feel sick.
    Cons: pricepoint is high for a 3 pack. But when used in moderation hands down better value than anything big pharma has on the market.
    Vendors tend to run out quickly, and add too much to the products price. Ive seen it as high as 47.99 for a 3pack. Others sell the single “not for individual sales” trial packs for 17 18.99 which is not cool,making is shadyon free samples clearly not labled for indivdual retail sale. But its away to test if its right for your needs. Try a 1 2 tab and ease into it.
    Also the occasional tab is sub par in its potentcy, Its happened a few times now. just lacking the usual strength and it leads to me consuming a 1 2 tab to compensate for the lack of strength some tabs have on occasion.

    Closing thoughts: an upbeat “Silver or Thai” blend would be sublime. Something to make daily use no longer tending to lead you to zombie mode to be more energetic and alert. Overall outstanding product, highly reccomend. 10 10 for certain.
    Lets see 7ohm a common brand in every store. Use responsibly and we can enjoy the benifits for years to come.
    Lets get a buyers reward program started, something for loyal clients to gain discounts and special offers.



    • 7OHMZ


      Thank you for your review! We have a buyers reward system in the works. It will be a unique scratch off QR code on every package that you scan to validate the authenticity of the product, take you to the lab results if you want to see them and add points to your account.

  • Krisi


    My local shop had samples they were giving away with a Kratom purchase. They wanted feedback so they could decide if they wanted to stock it or not. I’ve tried SO SO many different kinds, different brands, and different delivery methods. This is the second company I have found that makes pressed tables. The loose stuff is so awful to drink, so that’s out. The capsules are ok, but they’re huge and you have to take so many. So I love the pressed tablets. The other brand I know of WAS the best Kratom. But I had to order it online so it wasn’t super convenient. Then I tried these. And these blew everything out of the water… And I mean every kind, type, shape, size ect. These are absolutely top notch. I do wish they were cheaper, but I get it. There’s a lot of work that goes into these. Anyway, you won’t regret trying these. They truly are amazing.
    TO THE MAKERS Maybe offer some kind of loyalty points? Or a different weekly sale of some sort? ie: Buy 3 get 1 free? Or Buy 2 get 1 half off? Deals if buying larger quantities? Just some suggestions. Knowing how good they are makes spending the money easier, but if you haven’t tried them and you’re relying on online reviews only, the price would scare some away. But keep up the good work and the amazing quality! 5 STARS ALL THE WAY! Thank you!!



    • 7OHMZ


      These are all great ideas! We are working on a points system right now and a loyalty rewards system. We are continually working on improving our processes to bring costs down.

  • Jessica


    Amazing product! Just hate the price. Would love it if was a little cheaper! Or at least offer a free shipping option!



  • Alec McChesney

    I love this stuff

    This stuff is great. Increases creativity and productivity. Wish it was a little cheaper though

    Verified Review


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